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  • God’s Message,  the God who created the cosmos, stretched out the skies,  laid out the earth and all that grows from it, Who breathes life into earth’s people, makes them alive with his own life: “I am God. I have called you to live right and well. I have taken responsibility for you, kept you safe. I have set you among my people to bind them to me, and provided you as a lighthouse to the nations, To make a start at bringing people into the open, into light: opening blind eyes, releasing prisoners from dungeons,  emptying the dark prisons. I am God. That’s my name.  I don’t franchise my glory, Don’t endorse the no-god idols. Take note: The earlier predictions of judgment have been fulfilled. I’m announcing the new salvation work. Before it bursts on the scene,  I’m telling you all about it. Isaiah 42:5-9 MSG